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Cllr Dennis Bigham

Cllr Dennis Bigham

Dennis was re-elected as an independent councillor for Redbourn Parish Council in May 2019.

He has been a councillor for Nicholls ward since 2015

Dennis is a member of the following:

  • Commons & Green Spaces
  • Planning
  • Finance & Policy
  • Management & Communications
  • Redbourn Against Greenbelt Erosion (RAGE)

Dennis also the Redbourn Parish Council representative for Redbourn Village Hall and Redbourn Community Group.

51 Down Edge
07944 445350

Introductory Information about Dennis

"I was born in Redbourn in 1946 in Lamb Lane in a cottage now demolished. We eventually moved to Lybury Lane and I lived there until joining the Army in 1965. The same year I married my wife, whom I met aged 13 at the Sunshine Corner youth Club, now the home of the Drama Club.

I was a milk boy for Mr. Web. Getting out of bed at 5.30 am to meet him at the square at 6.00 am. Finishing at 7.00 am, back home and then off to school in Garston, Watford. Home at 4.30 pm to do a grocery round on a bike from the Handy Store in Lybury Lane.

I came back to Redbourn after leaving the Army and had a few jobs in and around the security work, plus I joined the Redbourn Fire Service, I moved into security training travelling around shopping centres on the M25.

When I retired, I got involved in the village by way of becoming fire officer for the Village Hall. Also, the Care Group at the suggestion of my brother in law Peter (Podger) Fox, I was for some time bus manager and over saw the arrival of the new bus.

I got involved in our parish council as I am very passionate about all things Redbourn and The Common, is a gem of a place to walk and see great cricket. As I have lived in Redbourn a great deal of my time I have seen a lot of changes from when I was a lad, I loved going to watch the blacksmith working in his forge now New Forge Place,

The High Street was so busy before the M1 and our by-pass, you could not get across for all the lorries and cars. Shops and pubs that have now all gone were sufficient for all our needs."

  • Dennis Bigham Register of Interest (PDF, 105 Kb)

    In order for openness and transparency, it is a legal requirement (Local Government Act 2000) for all members and co-opted members of district and parish councils to complete a Register of Interests form to register their financial and other interests. A Register of Interests form must be completed within 28 days of being elected.

    The register of interests includes:

    Details of any employment or business carried on by them.

    The name of their employer.

    Details of people who have paid towards election expenses.

    Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council.

    Interests in any land in the area; details of any directorships

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