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Cllr Symon Vegro

Cllr Symon Vegro

Symon was elected as a Labour councillor for Redbourn Parish Council in May 2019 and is a councillor for Nicholls ward.

Symon is a member of the following:

  • Management & Communications
  • Commons & Green Spaces

Symon is also Redbourn Parish Council representative for the Recreation and Playing Fields Trust.

2 Lamb Lane
07912 398000

Introductory Information about Symon

"I have lived with my wife Sue in Redbourn since 2003, and became a parish councillor in 2019.

I was born and brought up in Essex, before studying Chemistry and Biochemistry at Nottingham University. After completing my studies I lived in a pit village in South Yorkshire during the Miner's Strike, which first drew me to politics and the Labour Party.

I keep myself busy, as in addition to the parish council I work with a charity that helps people with Parkinson's, help run a local Support Group, and participate in research into the condition carried out by Oxford University. I am a patron of a charity that helps the mentally ill through the power of music; am involved with Active in Redbourn and Neighbourhood Watch; and am guided by Voltaire and the "efficacy of reason".

I have a number of published books. Greatly admire the novels of Dickens and Dostoyevsky and the poetry of Keats, Yeats, Frost and Paul Verlaine. I love Pink Floyd and opera, support Leicester Tigers, and my motto is lovingly borrowed from Mother Theresa: "Let no-one come to you without leaving better and happier" (although like Voltaire I'm not sure whether God exists)."

  • Symon Vegro Register of Interest (PDF, 160 Kb)

    In order for openness and transparency, it is a legal requirement (Local Government Act 2000) for all members and co-opted members of district and parish councils to complete a Register of Interests form to register their financial and other interests. A Register of Interests form must be completed within 28 days of being elected.

    The register of interests includes:

    Details of any employment or business carried on by them.

    The name of their employer.

    Details of people who have paid towards election expenses.

    Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council.

    Interests in any land in the area; details of any directorships

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