Working with the Community since 1894

Commons and Green Spaces Meetings

Commons and Green Spaces meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7.30pm at the Parish Centre (except for August). This committee looks after the following areas in the village:

  • The Common including the wildflower meadows managed via a Conservation Plan designed by Countryside Management Services (CMS)
  • Commons car parks, Doctors Alley/The Ruins Path
  • The Moor, the Puddingstone and the Panhandle
  • Play areas on East Common, Long Cutt, Flamsteadbury Lane and Silkmill Road
  • War Memorial
  • The three main entrances into the Village
  • The Millennium Site (Old Station Yard), Cumberland Garden and the Rose Garden
Photo looking up between the avenue of trees on Redbourn Common with footpath running though the middle

There is a fully comprehensive maintenance schedule that we work with to ensure all areas are in their best condition. Included in this are such things as, grass and tree maintenance, hedges and boundaries, litter and bins, play area inspections and park furniture etc.

Other areas that are considered in the Commons and Green Spaces meetings include:

  • Wayleaves and easements for services and access on The Common
  • Expenditures, budgets and ground maintenance contracts
  • The committee also gives permission for several events to take place on The Common each year, no more than 6 per annum.
  • Working with the Allotment Association

Agendas and Minutes

Issues discussed and decisions made at Commons and Green Spaces meetings are recorded in agenda's and minutes which can be found in our council Meetings Calendar. Here you will find all papers associated with each meeting linked to the calendar entry.

Alternatively all of our documents are stored in our Document Management System (DMS) so you can also view our agendas and minutes this way too. You can set the filter to select documents of interest.

Commons and Green Spaces Terms of Reference

To find out in more detail about what the Commons and Green Spaces Committee is responsible for please click on the terms of reference document below

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