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Community Grants

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Redbourn Parish Council offers community grants to local charities and organisations. Grants must be used for a project/event which will benefit or be of service to the citizens of Redbourn.

Please note the Parish Council as a body does not affiliate to any political party and therefore will not provide grant aid to support activity of this type in the Parish.

How to Apply for a Grant

Prior to making a grant application please read through the grant criteria to check suitability and eligibility.

Having done so you can then apply for a grant by completing the online form below. Once submitted your application will be send directly to the clerk.

Grant applications are considered at Finance and Policy meetings. Check the meetings calendar for the date of the next meeting.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Grant Application Form

To apply for a community grant now please complete the online form below

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Details of person who should be contacted about this application


eg. number of staff and/or members?

Please provide the following documents:

Alternatively you can go to the Document Management System (DMS) and download a PDF of the Grant Application Form, to complete and return to the clerk via email or by post to Redbourn Parish Centre, The Park, Redbourn AL3 7LR.

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