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Cumberland Gardens

Photo of Cumberland Garden Pergola with black Victorian lamp post, hedges, shrubs and trees framing the shot

Cumberland Garden Pergola

Cumberland Garden was formally part of Cumberland House, a grand Georgian building situated on the east side of the Common, said to have been built by the duke of Cumberland as a hunting lodge around 1745.

It passed through a number of owners being bought by Mr R Cecil Peake in 1890 who installed a generator making Cumberland House the first in the village with electric lighting. A more recent owner was the Central Electricity Generating Board and later the National Grid. Currently it is occupied by an event planning company.

The garden was donated to the Parish of Redbourn in 2007 by Miller Homes who were the developer of Cumberland House and new housing that became Miller Close and Hawkes Drive where Redbourn's Health Centre is now located. Cumberland Garden as it became, is a quiet seclude walled garden consisting of a mixture of flower beds, mature trees, lawns and bench with a pergola as a focal point. The garden links the High Street and the Health Centre and the wall and gateway were renovated a couple of years ago.

The old car park entrance has been used for filming, the most recent being for an exterior prison scene for Judge John Deed, on what is now the entrance to Miller Close. Cumberland Garden has provided a venue for outdoor theatre performances, the annual Redbourn Christmas Market and due to Covid 19 used for Karate and yoga classes.

Cumberland Garden Entrance from the High Street made of old red brick

Cumberland Garden Entrance from the High Street

Close up of Cumberland Garden Wall showing restoration work undertaken

Cumberland Garden Wall showing restoration work undertaken

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