Working with the Community since 1894

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Redbourn Care Group

Redbourn Care Group is a friendly charity which seeks to alleviate loneliness and support independent living by mobilising volunteers to help villagers. It helps those physically disabled by disease or accident, or others affected poverty and frailty from old age.

The Redbourn Care Group minibus, driven by a team of volunteers, provides a lifeline to local people for shopping trips, social outings, post-illness rehabilitation sessions and any manner of activities that alleviate need or loneliness. In addition to this hundreds of trips to the hospital, surgery, and dental appointments are made every year, not only in the immediate area of the village but to London and other more distant hospitals. These journeys are carried out by around 50 villagers in their own cars, who give up their time to help neighbours needing support.

During the pandemic Redbourn Care Group has stepped up to offer extra support, knowing that people may feel especially worried about going out at this time. Friendly phone calls are available if you would like someone to talk to or to seek some guidance. They have also continued to offer help with shopping, arranging journeys to medical appointments and have a team of volunteers helping with prescription deliveries. So as long as Crown Pharmacy know you wish prescriptions to be delivered, then they should arrive as a matter of course.

Address:Care Office, The Village Hall
63 High Street
Telephone:01582 794550
Categories:Health & Wellbeing, Charity
Organisation Type:Community

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