Working with the Community since 1894

Full Council Meetings

All councillors are members of Full Council and meetings normally take place at the Parish Centre at 7:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except in August). Councillors feedback information discussed and decisions made at the various committees, working parties and other groups they are involved in. Full Council then votes to approve final decisions and actions.

Screenshot of councillors virual meeting online via zoom

Redbourn Parish Council leading the way during the pandemic by being one of the first councils locally to take their meetings online, continuing their work serving the community of Redbourn.

Agenda's and Minutes

Issues discussed and decisions made at Full Council meetings are recorded in agenda's and minutes which can be found in our council Meetings Calendar. Here you will find all papers associated with each meeting linked to the calendar entry.

Alternatively all of our documents are stored in our document management system (DMS) so you can also view our agendas and minutes this way too. You can set the filter to select documents of interest.

Full Council Terms of Reference

To find out in more detail about what Full Council is responsible for please click on the terms of reference document below

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