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The Autumn/Winter edition of Redbourn News is now online!

The Autumn/Winter edition of Redbourn News is now online!

Due to ongoing delays as a result of the pandemic the paper version of the autumn/winter edition of our parish council magazine 'Redbourn News' won't be available until 25th November.

However the online edition is available now and can be downloaded from our website:

As part of our commitment to tackling climate change we are offering the option of signing up to an email only copy. By signing up to receive an online copy of 'Redbourn News', you will have the twice yearly newsletter sent straight to your inbox as soon as we finish it rather than having to wait for printing and delivery.

This means less paper waste and money spent on printing and delivery costs plus associated carbon impact.

If you would like to sign up to receive your online copy only going forward please contact:

Posted: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 10:28 by Parish Admin

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