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Play Areas

We have 4 play areas across Redbourn village and clicking on the links below will take you to a map of their exact locations

Each play area has something different to offer children of varying ages and abilities. There is also an outdoor gym for teens and adults to enjoy at Flamsteadbury Lane.

Photo of East Common Play Area located between Chequer Lane and West Common by Ann Kelly of Learn Digital

East Common Play Area

East Common Play Area is owned by Redbourn Parish Council and located on the Common between Chequer Lane, East Common and West Common.

Age range of this play area is 0-12 years and the play facilities include the following:

  • A large wide metal slide,
  • Log climbing/scramble nets,
  • 1 cradle swing,
  • 1 disabled swing
  • 2 junior swings
  • Monkey bars and balance trail,
  • Wooden play boat,
  • Grassy mound with tunnels and slide
  • Zip wire.

Photo of East Common Play Area by Ann Kelly Learn Digital

Photo of the wooden boat and disabled swing at East Common Play Area by Ann Kelly Learn Digital

Picture of Flamsteadbury Lane Playground

Flamsteadbury Lane Play Area

Flamsteadbury Lane Play Area is located between Flamsteadbury Lane and Stephens Way. The play facilities here are provided in designated baby/toddler and junior zones.

For younger children there are:

  • 2 baby swings
  • A 2 tower climbing frame with steel slide and rock climber
  • A 2 seat double rocker
  • 4 seat 4-way springer
  • 2 sit in spinners.

The junior zone provides:

  • A 3 tower play structure with bridge steel rung ladder, fireman's pole, steel slide and mesh climbing wall,
  • A roundabout net spinner,
  • 2 junior swings.
Outdoor Gym equipment at Flamsteadbury Lane Play Area

Flamsteadbury Lane Outdoor Gym

Outside of the fenced in children' play area is an outdoor gym for the use of older teens and adults provided for by a successful grant application to the National Lottery.

This equipment includes:

  • A combined fitness bike/stepper unit
  • Air walker
  • Waist and chest system
  • Double air skier
  • Sit up board.

A footpath from runs all the way from Tassell Hall at the north eastern end of the village along the edge of the housing to Flamsteadbury play area, meaning it is easily accessed on foot and the outdoor gym can even be incorporated into part of a running fitness routine

At the other end of Flamsteadbury Lane Play Area is a large grassy area suitable for playing football using the wooden goal post and net provided and other outdoor games.

Picture of Long Cutt Playground

Long Cutt Play Area

Long Cutt Play Area is accessed via an alleyway from the Snatchup end of Long Cutt or via Hill Top. Inside the fencing there is:

  • A 2 tower climbing frame for younger children aged 3 years and upwards with climbing and balance elements plus slide
  • A separate 4 person springer for younger children.
  • For older children there is a rotating seesaw
  • A dynamic multi-play structure to test the agility and strength of the over 6s.
  • A speed gyro suitable for wheelchair users
  • An original rocking horse accommodating up to 5 children
  • A basket swing and 2 regular swings.
  • Outside the playground is a basket ball net and goal posts.

Silk Mill Play Area

Silk Mill Play Area is a small playground for young children set within housing towards the Mulberry Place end of Silk Mill Road.

Equipment here consists of:

  • A turtle rocker
  • 2 cradle swings
  • A seesaw
  • A letter B shaped climber
  • A 4 tower play structure with bridge, tunnel and slide

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